Eat! ~ A Girls’ Supper Club visits Morocco

Eat! ~ A Girls’ Supper Club to do list:

Invite eclectic and cool group of girls ✔️

Decorate Moroccan style with an EXTRA twist ✔️

Avoid cultural appropriation at all costs 💯

That last item caused me a lot of grief while preparing for this, my first at home supper club. I wanted to base our food on a country’s cuisine, but also wanted to avoid any inappropriate elements like a make-your-own-bindi station or a most-authentic-harem-pants contest.


I rented up a storm from River City Events because I wanted to have a cozy tentish sort of feel with fuchsia, bright orange, and purple being the colours of festivity.


I also enjoyed odd finds like a Dollarama fuchsia cushion and final sale cushion covers from that detestable place that, without fail, makes me feel like I have lice or eczema every time I go – Fabricland. Ugh.


Please note obligatory “foot caught in the from-above photo” moment. So profesh.😑

Matchy matchy place name thingies and food name card thingies were from Etsy.



And just in case people got all shy/self-consumed/boring, enter the conversation starters!


Everyone brought a Moroccan style dish, and the food was SO. GOOD. Well done, girls!


Goodness has come to me and I have tasted it and its name is MINTY HONEY ALMOND CAKE.


And what about these AMAZING cookies proffered by the Empress herself? (That means me, okayyyy.)

Mad cookie skillz, am I right?

Or put more accurately, mad Pinteresting and phone-dialling skillz. Thank you, Whimsical Cake Studio!💛





Moody and cozy and luscious and playful were the multiple names of the game. Along with trippy and extremely dark apparently, according to basically all of the photos of the guests. #lightingchallenges



I wanted to send each of my festive girls home with a memory of our lovely evening together. Therefore, I acquired some tasteful tea from Acquired Taste Tea.


How lovely it would have been to have this beauteous tea in the authentic Moroccan tea glasses I bought especially for this occasion, after much searching of stores and gnashing of teeth.



I left the beautiful glasses in their beautiful golden tray and



Anybody want to attend a Moroccan tea party?😩


Supper clubs can be a lot of work. But it’s worth it, for obvious reasons.


Leftover MINTY HONEY ALMOND CAKE, leftover flowers, leftover cookies. You get the picture. And if not, here it is.


Okay, also the bonding of beautiful, powerful women and the eating of delicious and thoughtfully prepared foods makes it worth it. That too.


Who knows in which festive locale the women of Eat! ~ A Girls’ Supper Club, will find themselves next time?







Eat! The Start of a Girls’ Supper Club

I have wanted to start a girls’ supper club type of thing for a long time.

I’m a fan of supper.

I’m a fan of girls.

Put them together and you have either a horrific night of cannibalism or a wonderful night of fun and festivity!

Fortunately, my first attempt resulted in the latter.


Here are the intricate and tricky steps to creating a supper club:

  1. Invite a diverse group of kind, fun, interesting, and festive people.
  2. Decide where/when/what.
  3. Eat!

I chose The Holy Roller as our first venue because it’s newly opened and has a great buzz about it.

Also, my mid-century Wedgwood stove decided that after 70 or so years, it had had enough.  At this point in time, a supper club at my house would consist of high fibre toast and microwaved eggs.


This place is so vibey and coolesque and is super prime for people watching.

And dog watching.


Kitsch is the name of the game at The Holy Roller.

And drinks.


I was initially horrified by my drink décor. But then I realized I must accept it because I did, after all, order a drink made with aquavit and dill. So Scandinavian! Of course, in the spirit of a communal supper club, we all tried each other’s drinks. I can safely say that the enjoyment level of the cocktails at The Holy Roller is high. Skål!


Not one person accessed these sweets all night! Maybe they were saving their appetites for the REAL food.

Like this crazy festive halibut ceviche.


I was oohing and ahhing over it for so long, it was almost completely ingested by the diligent members of Eat! before I got started. I had enough to know that it was really pretty delicioussss.

We had a few other items. The duck chicharrones. Which I basically ordered because it’s fun to say.

Cheech- ah-rrrrrr-ohn-ehssss.

Good thing it was fun to say because it was only medium fun to eat.


Sorry for not v. good pic. Truth be told, I struggled to snap a great shot. It just didn’t look that beautiful on the plate. Chicharrones are kind of like pork rinds, and in fact, originally, pork was often the go to. They should be decadently fatty, but light and delicate. These were okay. Kind of lukewarm literally and figuratively.

Moving on!


Ricotta tapenade with, yes, the ever elusive…CAPPERS.  Yes, cappers.

Sooooo, did I ever mention I have a major case of misorthographia? (TM) Yes, I just made up a word to describe the extreme reactions I have to misspellings.


The menu also had a few more special challenges with spelling, but the craziest was involving their signature dish – pizza!


The Holy Roller has two styles of pizza, the thick, Detroit style pizza, which you see in all its oozy glory above, and the New Haven style. We had to ask what the New Haven style pizza is all about. To this day, we still don’t know the answer to that question. Because the other style is actually New HEAVEN, people.

Anyway, New Heaven pizza is thinner, apparently. Or was that the New Haven? Agh!

We did like the Detroit style pizza we had – ricotta and PROSSIUTTO.

But there were 7 hungry members of Eat! there. And I went home with one piece! One piece out of four! What does this mean??? I am very appreciative of pizza leftovers, but also very suspicious. Shouldn’t this pizza have been gobbled down? Did my comrades and I just not get it? I think I shall have to return again to do further pizza pie research.

Cool restaurant style interlude.


I just have to make a quick comment about the service at The Holy Roller.

It wasn’t great.

Which I had read on a couple of reviews, but UGH – hate when it happens to me. I’ll gloss over the rest of it, but MUST mention the repeated violation of tenet # 7a. in the Ultimate Handbook to Diners’ Rights, edition 4.

#7a. Do NOT, under any circumstances, attempt to remove food or drink, without asking, before diners have fully enjoyed the item. 

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I’m a fan of girls.

I am most decidedly NOT a fan of girls who try to take away my nectar and manna. Hands off, lady!

Time for another interlude.


Look at this. Now this is a wonderful, ethereal, yet mean streets girls’ supper club moment. YAS MAMA KD.

Oh my gosh, I just realized that she has the same initials as macaroni and cheese. My love for her has reached new and cheesy levels.


That mural on the wall behind these two cellular women is based on actual footage of my reaction whenever someone pulls out a phone at a supper club.

Just kidding, C & C! 💖



Here are a couple of babes breaking bread and belting booze. Well, in this particular photo, we are digesting said bread and booze. And looking kitschy and kool doing so! I love the café area out front with all of its old timey lamps, furnishings, and oddities. Must come back for tea another day, sporting appropriately hip horn-rimmed glasses and a beard. (Not hard when you’re almost 45, believe me.)


I wish I had been waiting for a no good, scruffy, motorbike-riding, professor type of guy in this picture. It just looks like what these chairs are made for.

Um. I just realized. I am married to a scruffy, motorbike-riding, professor type of guy. Although he is all good.

I’m livin’ the dream baby!

I think our first supper club was a hit! I did find it hard to chat up each girl, due to a) long table/loud venue and b) my problems with focusing when there are so many comment-worthy people to view! The Holy Roller is definitely the place to be if you want to immerse yourself in a festive, cool vibe and observe all the stylista ingenues.

Which I do!

We’ve decided that our second supper club will be hosted by one of us in our home.  Can’t wait to get together again, and Eat!