About a Girl


I try to be as gingery as possible in my daily life. That means both ginger hair and ginger temperament, although I attempt to effect the ginger temperament, gingerly.


I go. I go run as much as I can, as far as I can, as fast as I can. I go about town. (Edmonton, natch.) I go travel to various cities and countries. I go out to eat. I go and get a bubbly/stiff drink. I go crazy when I don’t have enough time/money/energy to do any of the aforementioned activities.


As do many humans, I love lovely things. Of particular loveliness to me are:

thoughtfully designed and artfully executed (and if I’m cranky, just make sure it’s soft, darn it!) clothing

food and drink created by real people using real ingredients that taste deliciousssss

old, beautiful, story -filled things. Houses, books, places, photos, furniture…

wonderful souls, both human and canine

most anything that is festive