Eat! ~ A Girls’ Supper Club visits Morocco

Eat! ~ A Girls’ Supper Club to do list:

Invite eclectic and cool group of girls ✔️

Decorate Moroccan style with an EXTRA twist ✔️

Avoid cultural appropriation at all costs 💯

That last item caused me a lot of grief while preparing for this, my first at home supper club. I wanted to base our food on a country’s cuisine, but also wanted to avoid any inappropriate elements like a make-your-own-bindi station or a most-authentic-harem-pants contest.


I rented up a storm from River City Events because I wanted to have a cozy tentish sort of feel with fuchsia, bright orange, and purple being the colours of festivity.


I also enjoyed odd finds like a Dollarama fuchsia cushion and final sale cushion covers from that detestable place that, without fail, makes me feel like I have lice or eczema every time I go – Fabricland. Ugh.


Please note obligatory “foot caught in the from-above photo” moment. So profesh.😑

Matchy matchy place name thingies and food name card thingies were from Etsy.



And just in case people got all shy/self-consumed/boring, enter the conversation starters!


Everyone brought a Moroccan style dish, and the food was SO. GOOD. Well done, girls!


Goodness has come to me and I have tasted it and its name is MINTY HONEY ALMOND CAKE.


And what about these AMAZING cookies proffered by the Empress herself? (That means me, okayyyy.)

Mad cookie skillz, am I right?

Or put more accurately, mad Pinteresting and phone-dialling skillz. Thank you, Whimsical Cake Studio!💛





Moody and cozy and luscious and playful were the multiple names of the game. Along with trippy and extremely dark apparently, according to basically all of the photos of the guests. #lightingchallenges



I wanted to send each of my festive girls home with a memory of our lovely evening together. Therefore, I acquired some tasteful tea from Acquired Taste Tea.


How lovely it would have been to have this beauteous tea in the authentic Moroccan tea glasses I bought especially for this occasion, after much searching of stores and gnashing of teeth.



I left the beautiful glasses in their beautiful golden tray and



Anybody want to attend a Moroccan tea party?😩


Supper clubs can be a lot of work. But it’s worth it, for obvious reasons.


Leftover MINTY HONEY ALMOND CAKE, leftover flowers, leftover cookies. You get the picture. And if not, here it is.


Okay, also the bonding of beautiful, powerful women and the eating of delicious and thoughtfully prepared foods makes it worth it. That too.


Who knows in which festive locale the women of Eat! ~ A Girls’ Supper Club, will find themselves next time?








One thought on “Eat! ~ A Girls’ Supper Club visits Morocco

  1. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING—Before i had just seen a photo of the table/place settings—and that was beautiful—AND THE FULL LAY OUT KNOCKS THE BALL OUT OF THE PARK.


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